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Portable Water Bottle Drinker For Pet Dogs

Convenience on the Go: This portable water bottle drinker is designed for the active lifestyle of your furry friend. Perfect for walks, hikes, trips, or any outdoor adventures, it ensures your dog stays hydrated wherever you go.

Leak-Proof Design: Featuring a secure silicone sealing ring, this water bottle prevents leaks and spills, keeping your bag or car dry. The one-hand operation makes it easy to dispense water quickly without any mess.

Large Capacity: With a generous water capacity, this bottle holds enough water for your dog's needs during outings. It's available in various sizes to suit different breeds and durations of activity.

Hygienic & Safe: Crafted from BPA-free materials, this drinker ensures the water remains fresh and safe for your pet. The design prevents backflow, maintaining hygiene with each sip.


Size (approx.): 21.5 * 10.7 * 10.7 cm / 8.46 * 4.21 * 4.21 in 
Color: blue / pink / brown 
Material:PP + PE