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Portable 2-in-1 Dog Hair Dryer

Efficient Drying and Grooming: This innovative dog hair dryer doubles as a grooming tool, offering a convenient solution for drying and styling your furry friend's coat. With its dual functionality, it simplifies the grooming process and reduces the need for multiple tools.

Adjustable Settings for Optimal Results: Equipped with adjustable temperature and airflow settings, this 2-in-1 dryer ensures gentle yet effective drying suitable for all coat types. The flexibility in settings allows for a personalized grooming experience, catering to your pet's comfort and specific needs.

Compact and Portable Design: Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for home use or travel. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for easy maneuvering during grooming sessions. Say goodbye to bulky grooming equipment and hello to portability.

Quiet Operation for Stress-Free Grooming: Engineered with low-noise technology, this dryer operates quietly, minimizing stress and anxiety for your pet during grooming. Its quiet performance makes it an excellent choice for sensitive or anxious dogs.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Packing: Color box
  • Size: Length: 120mm/4.72in; Width: 190mm/7.48in; Height: 120mm/4.72in
  • Plug: US Plug, EU Plug