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Silicone Chew Toy for Large Breeds

Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality silicone, these chew toys are designed to withstand the powerful chewing habits of large dog breeds. The sturdy construction ensures longevity and durability, providing a long-lasting solution for your pet's playtime.

Unique Design: The ball-shaped toy features textured surfaces and raised teeth patterns, providing an engaging chewing experience for your furry friend. The varied textures help promote dental health by massaging gums and cleaning teeth, reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

Safe and Non-Toxic: Made from pet-safe materials, these chew toys are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of your dog during playtime. The silicone material is non-toxic and gentle on your pet's teeth and gums.

Interactive Play: The chew toys are ideal for interactive play sessions, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation for your dog. Whether it's a game of fetch or solo chewing, these toys provide entertainment and relieve boredom.

Material:Evade glue
Diameter: Approx. 7.5cm
Color: As the picture (random color