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Multifunction Pet Molar Bite Toy

Molar Design: The toy's intricate design includes textured surfaces and grooves that aid in cleaning your pet's teeth, reducing tartar and plaque buildup, and promoting healthy gums.

Multifunctionality: This toy doubles as an interactive plaything and a molar exerciser, keeping your pet engaged and physically active while maintaining oral hygiene.

Chew-Resistant: Engineered to endure strong biting forces, this toy helps redirect your pet's chewing behavior away from destructive habits towards a safe and beneficial outlet.

Pet Entertainment: With its versatile design, this toy can be filled with treats or peanut butter, providing mental stimulation and entertainment for your pet while they work to extract the delicious rewards.

  • Color: Type 1/Type 2
  • Type 1: Total length 43cm, suction cup size 6.3*9.5cm, spill ball size 8cm
  • Type 2: Total length 46cm, suction cup size 6.3*9.5cm, spill ball size 5.7*11.5cm, rope length 40cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Type 3 : Size:12*6*6cm