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Smart Cat Water Fountain


Innovative Design: The Smart Cat Water Fountain is a state-of-the-art pet accessory designed to provide your feline friend with fresh, filtered water throughout the day. Its sleek and modern design complements any home decor while catering to your cat's hydration needs.

Advanced Filtration System: Equipped with a multi-stage filtration system, this fountain ensures that your cat drinks clean, purified water by removing impurities, hair, and debris. The replaceable filters guarantee a continuous flow of fresh water, promoting better health for your beloved pet.

Multiple Water Flow Settings: With adjustable water flow settings, you can customize the fountain to suit your cat's preferences. Whether they prefer a gentle stream or a bubbling cascade, this fountain offers versatility to keep your pet engaged and hydrated.

Quiet and Energy-Efficient: Engineered for silence, the Smart Cat Water Fountain operates quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance to your home environment. Its energy-efficient design consumes low power, providing continuous hydration without driving up electricity bills.

Material: Food-grade PC
Item Color: Fully Transparent
Maximum Capacity: 2 liters (67 oz)
Item Size: approx. 16.5x16.5x15.5cm / 6.5x6.5x6.1in (L*W*H)