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Natural Catnip Cat Wall Stick-on Ball

Entertainment Elevated: Elevate your feline friend's playtime with this innovative Cat Wall Stick-on Ball. Designed to adhere effortlessly to walls or smooth surfaces, this ball is a perfect addition to any cat-friendly space.

Natural Catnip Infusion: Infused with premium natural catnip, this ball is irresistible to your cat, encouraging hours of interactive play. The enticing scent will captivate your cat's attention, keeping them engaged and entertained.

Safe and Durable: Crafted from high-quality materials, this stick-on ball is safe for your cat to play with. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting fun, withstanding your cat's playful paws and claws.

Easy Installation: The stick-on design makes installation a breeze. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and place it on any clean, smooth surface. Your cat will soon be swatting and batting at this delightful toy.

Type: Cats
Toys Type: Catnip Toys
Material: Plastic