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Funny Cat Halloween Cat Costume

Details & Design: The cat costume is designed to be comfortable and adjustable for your furry friend. Its black color scheme adds an air of mystery, while the added whimsical elements like glowing features or dangling accessories bring a playful touch to the overall look.

Purr-sonalization & Customization: One of the best parts of this costume is its adaptability! You can customize it to suit your cat's style. Whether they prefer a more 'spooky chic' vibe or want to embrace a full-on 'kitty witch' persona, this costume can be tweaked to match their purr-fect preferences.

Fun Factor & Reactions: Be prepared for an avalanche of "awws" and giggles when your cat struts around in this ensemble. Whether you're attending a pet-friendly Halloween party or just having a photo shoot at home, the reactions from friends, family, and social media followers will be absolutely priceless.

Safety & Comfort: Ensuring your cat's comfort and safety is paramount. The costume is designed with soft, pet-friendly materials and doesn't restrict movement or cause discomfort. Always supervise your cat while they're wearing any costume and be sure they can easily move, breathe, and see clearly.


  • Item Type: Costumes
  • Pattern: Print
  • Type: cats
  • Style: Fashion
  • Season: All seasons