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Bow and Bell Pet Collar

Charming Design: Adorned with a cute bow and a tinkling bell, this collar not only enhances your pet's appearance but also adds a playful charm wherever they go.

Adjustable Fit: The collar comes with an adjustable strap, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for pets of various sizes. This feature allows your pet to grow without needing a replacement collar.

Safety Buckle: Equipped with a safety buckle, this collar provides a quick-release mechanism for emergency situations, ensuring your pet's safety at all times.

Durable Material: Constructed with durable and pet-friendly materials, the Bow and Bell Collar is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining its quality over time.


Stylish Accessory: Elevate your pet's style with this fashionable collar that complements their personality and adds a touch of elegance to their appearance.

Audible Identification: The tinkling bell attached to the collar serves as an audible identification, allowing you to locate your pet easily within your home or garden.

Comfortable Wear:
With its soft material and adjustable fit, the collar ensures your pet experiences maximum comfort during daily activities and playtime.


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