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Super Soft Dog Toothbrush

Design: This toothbrush is meticulously crafted with the utmost care for your furry friend's dental hygiene. Its design focuses on functionality and comfort, ensuring a stress-free brushing experience for both pet and owner.

Material: Constructed from high-quality, pet-safe materials, this toothbrush boasts ultra-soft bristles that gently massage your dog's gums while effectively cleaning their teeth. The softness of the bristles prevents any discomfort or irritation to sensitive gums.

Purpose: Specifically engineered to cater to dogs' dental needs, this toothbrush aids in preventing plaque buildup, tartar, and bad breath. Its ergonomic design allows for easy handling, facilitating thorough cleaning of your dog's teeth and gums.

Safety: Ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet, this toothbrush is free from harmful substances and is durable enough to withstand regular use. Its gentle bristles prioritize your dog's comfort during brushing sessions. 


  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • New 360° Clean Design
  • Material: Silicone
  • Usage: Clean Pet Teeth