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Waterproof Pet Coat With Harness

Waterproof Material: rafted from high-quality, waterproof fabric, this coat keeps your pet dry and cozy even in rainy or snowy conditions. It shields your pet from moisture while maintaining breathability to prevent overheating.

Integrated Harness: The coat features an integrated harness, strategically built into the design for a secure and comfortable fit. This eliminates the hassle of attaching a separate harness, ensuring a snug and safe experience for your pet during walks or hikes.

Adjustable Straps: Equipped with adjustable straps at the chest and belly, the coat allows for a customizable fit, catering to various body shapes and sizes of pets. This feature ensures a snug yet comfortable feel for your furry companion.

Reflective Accents: Enhanced with reflective accents, the coat enhances visibility during low-light conditions or nighttime walks. This added safety feature helps keep your pet visible to passing vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Red, Black, Army Green, Blue
  • Feature: Warm
  • Target Audience: Dogs
  • Dog Size: Small, Medium