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Pet Molar Teeth Cleaner Hexagonal Toy

 Hexagonal Design: The unique hexagonal shape of the toy ensures it bounces unpredictably, keeping your pet entertained and engaged during playtime.

Molar Cleaning: The textured surface is specifically crafted to clean your pet's molars, helping to remove plaque and tartar buildup while they chew and play.

Durable Material: Made from non-toxic, durable rubber, this toy is safe for your pet to chew on and built to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Interactive Play: Whether your pet prefers solo play or interactive sessions with you, this toy encourages active play and helps satisfy their natural chewing instincts.


  • Product Name: Pet Molar Teeth Cleaner Hexagonal Toy
  • Product material: TPR
  • Product color: blue, light pink, green
  • Product size: about 14.2cm*3.6cm
  • Applicable objects: Puppies/Small Dogs, cats
  • Contains: 1 piece *Pet Molar Teeth Cleaner Hexagonal Toy