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Sticky Brush



Do you hate it when your cat's fur is literally flying everywhere when you're brushing them? Or you've tried many combs but none of it captures much hair? Well fear. no more! Try our innovative Sticky Brush! Our brush allows you to attach pet friendly wipes to capture floating fur better!

Pet Grooming Brush for both Cats and Dogs - General Comb To Remove Floating Fur

Professional Pet Brush

Regular use of this cat brush for long-haired cats gently and effectively removes loose hair, tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Suitable for short, medium, long, coarse, fine or curly haired dogs/cats to keep your pet shiny and healthy.

Skin-friendly comb

The comb teeth are made of high-quality plastic. As a cat hair removal brush, it's perfect for depilating and massaging your pet without scratching your pet's skin.

3-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush

You can not only groom your pet, but also clean your pet's body. The package also comes with 10 pieces of beauty essence cleaning wipes, 1 piece can clean the whole body of a cat. There are small serrations on the back of the comb to help you clean clothes and hair from furniture such as your sofas.

Durable & Washable

The whole body is designed with a combination of ABS and silicone making it very durable.


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