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Catnip Toy for Cats

Irresistible Catnip Infusion: This cat toy is designed to captivate your feline friend with its potent catnip infusion. Made from premium organic catnip, it stimulates playful behavior, providing hours of entertainment for your beloved pet.

Durable and Safe Construction: Crafted with durable materials, this toy ensures long-lasting fun. The sturdy stitching and quality fabric make it safe for your cat to chew, toss, and bat around without any worry of damage.

Interactive Design: The toy's design encourages interactive play, engaging your cat's natural instincts. With its lightweight and easy-to-carry design, it promotes exercise and mental stimulation, keeping your cat active and entertained.

Versatile and Engaging: Whether your cat loves to pounce, chase, or simply cuddle, this toy offers versatility. Its size and texture make it perfect for solo play or bonding time with you, creating a strong bond between you and your furry companion.


  • Material: Short Plush, Sponge
  • Type: Cute and soft Catnip toy
  • Toys Type: Cats
  • Color: Blue, Pink,Coffee,Green,Yellow
  • Shape: Thumb cat
  • Features: Catnip Toy for Cats
  • Function: Teeth Grinding Toys
  • Type: Popular Quality Catnip Toy
  • Name: Pet Cat Chewing toy
  • Inside: Thumb Bite Cat mint
  • Style: Funny Interactive