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Silicone Suction Cup Dog Toy

Durable Material: Made from high-quality silicone, this toy is built to withstand chewing and biting, making it ideal for energetic dogs.

Interactive Design: The suction cup base enables the toy to be firmly attached to floors, walls, or any smooth surface, encouraging your dog to pull, tug, and play without it slipping away.

Engaging Play: The toy includes a flexible rope or tugger, providing an exciting challenge for your dog to pull and tug, promoting dental health and keeping them mentally stimulated.

Versatile Use: Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this toy offers a fun way for your dog to exert energy and alleviate boredom while strengthening their jaws and teeth.


Promotes Dental Health: The tugger or rope helps clean teeth and massage gums, promoting good oral hygiene for your dog.

Physical and Mental Stimulation: Encourages physical exercise and mental stimulation, preventing boredom and promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pet.


  • Material: Non-Toxic Food Grade Rubber
  • Breed: Small & Large